Dear members,

This Association is yours and your membership is essential!

This year you will be pleased to see that the Association is moving forward with the control of Eurasian milfoil.  The Invasive Plants Committee is currently working on the construction of a suction barge and the purchase of diving equipment in order to proceed with the non-mechanical removal of this invasive aquatic plant this summer (see attached maps of affected areas summer 2021 – CRE Laurentides mandate). All of this is made possible by your membership and support, our generous donors, the work of the committee and the volunteers who raise their hands as divers or to help on the barge. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE HEALTH OF OUR LAKES TO HEART!  The buoys will again be placed to mark out contaminated and/or at-risk areas. You can also offer to place the buoys yourself in front of your property if you are in a contaminated area. Respecting the rules of safety and nautical courtesy on our lakes should also help limit the spread of milfoil, shoreline erosion and good understanding between shoreline residents and boaters (see the attached guide).

The Association is once again offering different types of certified water tests proposed by the accredited laboratory H2Lab, including fecal coliform (FC) and water potability tests at a 15% discount ( ).

You must therefore identify on the membership form the test(s) you wish to have and pay the cost along with your membership fee. Please note that a negative or low CF test does not certify that the water is safe to drink.  You will be notified in early summer when the bottles for the tests will be available.

Attached to this letter is the annual membership form to be completed and submitted, ideally by April 30, either by email or by mail, according to the instructions on the form. Annual membership is valid from May 1, 2022, to April 30, 2023. Encourage your neighbors to join the Association!


  • A group committed, on your behalf, to protecting the health and environment of our lakes and their tributaries
  • Rigorous environmental monitoring of their water quality through bio-marine testing and analysis
  • Rigorous environmental monitoring of Eurasian water milfoil and other aquatic invasive species
  • A strong and unified voice representing you to municipal councils and other organizations
  • Water quality testing at your homes, at reduced costs, managed by the Association
  • Social activities
  • Regular updates on issues affecting our lakes


P.J. AlBeRo membership form

      Guide to safety and nautical courtesy


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