Today we are living a historic moment in our fight against the Milfoil!

For the first time we remove buoys to demarcate an area of watermilfoil. The South West section of Lac Rond in front of Bob Parkinson’s was opened on July 12, 2023!

I also want to inform you that the section in the middle of Lac Rond that we worked so hard to clean up at the end of last summer has not seen a return this spring.

We still have a lot of work to do to overcome this fight against watermilfoil but this is very encouraging news.

At the end of this week, once we have completed two more small patches on Lac Rond, we will be heading to Lac Beaven to continue our mission to eliminate Milfoil from our lakes.

We need help with fight against Milfoil. The more volunteers we have, the better chance we have of winning this fight.

Please volunteer for this important cause!


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