A bit about our association

The association for the protection of Beaven and Round lakes is a registered non profit orginisation in the Arundel and Montcalm (Weir) in the Laurentians.

The first meeting on record was in 1973. The membership was 107 and the president was T.C.Stuart. Our membership has fluctuated from 56 to 120 over the years. We always try to have directors and deputies from both lakes on the executive.

The general goals of the association have been and remain the following:

1st goal: Protect the environment

2nd goal: Improve the quality of our drinking water and swimming water.

3rd goal: Promote safe use of our waterways

4th goal: Increase the community awareness of our natural environment

As far back as 1975 the LakeAssociation has been involved in the whole area of sewage disposal systems, zoning regulations and building codes. We joined the Provincial Government Lakes Program which involved investigating the sewage systems of homes around the lakes and requiring their up date where necessary.

Another major initiative was reforestation of the foliage at the lakes’ edges to cool down, and absorb the run-off and prevent erosion. In recent years we have distributes trees and bushes donated by the government.

For many years there were swimming lessons with as many as 28 children involved at Warme’s beach and Morrison’s beach.

Water testing has also been an on-going important function of the association. We have offered individual water tests but have also done frequent tests in high risk areas around the lake. We have been able to establish a history of the health of the lakes. In the past few years a decision was taken to give a free water test with membership in ALBeRo. This has increased our outreach to the wider community.

The Sunfish Derby lasted at least 30 years and was often accompanied by a picnic.  The Sunfish Derby has recently been replaced with an annual BBQ for members and their families at the Warme’s beach.

Sailing races have been an enjoyable and recently re-instated on Beaven Lake with three to four races a summer.

Yearly brochures are sent out and signs have been developed and posted with the do’s and dont’s of proper codes of conduct to help keep our lakes safe and healthy.

We continue to join various associations that keep up-to-date with Provincial and environmental issues.

In 1985 and Environmental Committee was formed to work with the Municipalities of Weir and Arundel to help see that people adhere to existing regulations. In the last few years we have tried to work with these Municipalities to develop a controlled Lake Access Location that could encourage the health and safety of our lakes. We have developed a list of requirements that would be necessary to ensure our cooperation in this initiative.

Our association has a constitution and an official name that reflects the participation of both Round and Beaven Lakes: AlBeRo.

In 1988 we were deemed by a provincial body to be one of the strongest of 280 lake associations in the province. In 2021 we became a non profit organization.

We always are looking for support, suggestions and new members.


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