Thanks to the generous contributions of members like you our team of volunteers lead by Mike Baatz (second from right) and Carol Robitaille (right) have completed both the construction and testing of our milfoil harvesting barge!

From left to right Oscar Bourbonnais, Joseph Bourbonnais, Nancy Duquette, Don Gutzman, Mike Baatz and Carol Robitaille

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed financially or volunteered their time for this important project that will help restore the fragile biodiversity of our lakes and water ways! We hope to be able to count on your continued support going forward! You can donate anytime by sending an e-transfer to our treasurer, Huguette Messier at if you are interested in volunteering, we are in particular need of divers (shallow water, no certification needed) and for people who would be willing to help out on the surface with the bags of milfoil and keeping an eye on the divers as they work. Please respond to this email if you are interested in volunteering 🙂

We Need Your Help To Stop The Spread!

Although we are working hard to remove milfoil from the lakes, new colonies continue to appear, some of which are in high trafic areas of the lakes. The association has placed some yellow buoys around the lakes. It is VERY important to avoid going anywhere near the yellow buoys since any disturbance of the plants by boat motors, paddles or fishing lines will fragment the plants and help them reproduce and conquer new areas of the lake.

Please avoid going anywhere near the yellow buoys!

Thank you to our Municipal Partners

Both the municipalities of Arundel and Montcalm have been very supportive of our efforts and on behalf of AlBeRo and all users of our lakes I would like to thank Arundel Mayor Pascale Blais (left) and Stephen Larose (right) and all members of both municipal councils for their support of the environment and the fight to protect the biodiversity of our lakes! We will continue working hand in hand with our municipal partners to sustain our efforts on water quality testing and on milfoil removal in the months and years to come! Thank you Arundel and Montcalm!

Thank you for your help in protecting Beaven and Round lakes,

Alex Tyrrell

President AlBeRo


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